The first solution in Europe to instantly check the job status and income of a future employee

With the OCEAN solution every company can check in real time if a subject has an employment contract today with what type of contract and classification for those who work and information such as their real salary, this solution is thought any company wants to hire someone and for their HR department


The most common use in the HR world

Thanks to the instant verification capability, the technology solution is often used to verify new candidates towards the hiring process.
This allows the company that is conducting the interview to be certain about elements such as: where the candidate actually worked, how much he actually earns, for how many months, how he is classified in what level (e.g. cadre), type of contract has today (trade, metalworker, etc.) and also wanting to reconstruct the entire history of his career over time.

What we can check

The checks that OCEAN is able to do in real time are multiple and advanced, with no margin of error, thanks to the collection of data directly from the source.

Below we list just some of the checks that the solution is able to do:

- Check of document integrity: it is verified that the document contains the correct data (Fiscal Code, amount, date, etc.).
- Check for tampering: the sender is recognized and the document is checked for the presence of different fonts from the original ones.
- Check of income: it is verified whether the payroll has actually been collected.
- Check / Comparison at the source: the paycheck provided by the customer is compared with the paycheck issued by the issuer itself.
- Employment check today: by connecting to the issuer, it is verified whether he still has a job/job today and therefore whether he is hired.
- Income tax return verification : it is verified that the declaration reflects the reality of the total funds received.

Let's try now our solution

Request the demo from one of our sales representatives and you will better understand the great potential and real benefits of our solution.

In the dedicated session for the demo, technicians will also be present to clarify any doubts also on the ease of integration of the APIs or the ready-to-use white label flow.