The first solution on the European market that aggregates the data of all employees into a single solution: contracts, payroll, income.

Ocean Payroll, connecting to all the most important HR management systems in Europe, provides all the data of an employee, such as, amount of salary, the total income declaration, the status of the contract and many others. The solution is totally privacy compliant.


Some of our target markets

Not only API, but a solution Ready to Use

OCEAN has various features, all available through advanced APIs or through a convenient solution which is composed of a dashboard and a user flow ready to use. It is totally configurable by our partner: graphics, logo, languages, system settings and preferences.

The user experience for the end user is that of being within a flow created by our partner, this will simplify life for you and your customer and give the partner the opportunity to leave quickly to use us.

Both for physical branches and for totally online processes

OCEAN was built and designed to be used in any circumstance.
It can be activated by an operator with a customer remotely or in front of him, for example in a branch, or it can be activated by the end customer through a totally online process.


About us

OCEAN is an Italian company with the ambition to be THE SOLUTION for the whole European market with the largest database of workers.

Born in 2021 by entrepreneurs and created by programmers for programmers, what we have tried to create from day one is the will to give a solution to a real market problem by approaching it with modern and technological methods.